Texas,West of the Pecos

Take computer mapping software, a GPS, or Google Earth and plug in these coordinates:

N29 40.185
W103 35.330

If you do it right you should locate this spot approximately centered in "nowhere", and only a little bit north of the line the Flat Earth Society has marked as the "Edge of the Earth."

This  is in the Chihuahuan Desert, 53 miles south of Alpine, in southwest Texas.  As the crow flies it is about 30 miles from Mexico.  By road it is about 25 miles south and 70 miles west on the "river road" to the nearest legal border crossing at Presidio.  It's about 30 miles south to the west entrance of Big Bend National Park.

Entrance to Big Bend Park
Along the river road to Presidio, TX

Since April, 2006 we have owned 12 acres of rock and cactus, one 30 year old two bedroom Adobe hacienda, one metal shop building of sorts with partly finished guest quarters and a large attached carport, one former electric wind generator now serving as yard art, one elevated water storage tank, and one 1961 Chevy flat bed tank truck for hauling water.

The house is about 30 years old, constructed of concrete stabilized adobe.  The exterior walls are about a foot thick.   The interior walls are adobe too.

The "windmill" is an old wind powered generator which was used to charge batteries for a low voltage electrical system.  The property is now on the Rio Grande Electric Cooperative system so the old generator is now yard art.

The blue trim paint was a bit weathered and faded.  We repainted the trim  - you guessed it - RED!

The house has a porch on the front (east) side and another full-length porch on the back (west) side.  The porches shade the house and provide a good place to "set a spell" in both the mornings and evenings.

The kitchen is finished with rustic ranchwood cabinets, and a Saltillo tile floor.
The bathroom has an old clawfoot
tub, and stone flooring.

The living room has adobe walls, a Saltillo tile
floor,and a large stone fireplace.  The
bedrooms have Saltillo tile floors too.
The stonework, made with Bouqillas
stone, is nice inside and out.

Kathy, the lovely lady who sold us the property planted and cultivated several cactus gardens on the property.  When Paul found cactus for sale at the local grocery store back in Kansas, he decided this has all the makings of a Cactus Ranch.  We're thinking the "P&V Land and Cactus Company" has the right ring to it.

Did we mention the rock and cactus?  12 Acres of it!  No need to have a lawnmower!

There is an old shop building, towards the highway from the house.  The building is long and narrow, with a large carport and an additional unfinished room attached.  It has a long porch on the front (east) side.  We plan to refinish part of this building as guest quarters for the visitors we expect.  Meanwhile, there is always the second bedroom in the house, and the sofa sleeper in the living roon too.

The shop building fronts on the highway and was originally built to be a small general store.  Kathy, from whom we bought the property, used it for a craft shop.  There is plenty of room for us to use it for our motorcycles.  The house is to the south of the store and set back further from the road.

The property includes some other "stuff" too, including a crude 3 sided metal building open on one end but with a concrete floor, an elevated water storage tank, and a 1961 Chevrolet Viking C60 truck with a water tank for hauling water.  There is a well drilled on the property - it doesn't have a pump and its producing capacity is unknown.  The previous owner(s) found hauling water less expensive than a well, if not easier.  The water comes from a well at a Bentonite mine about 3 miles away.  We think we may improve the existing well or put in a new deep well.

The property is at the edge of a plain in the desert, with hills rising in the distance in all four directions.  The views, and the sunsets and sunrises are truly spectacular.

We do have neighbors.  There are a few other houses located along the highway to the south.  One new house is being built on the other side of the highway about a mile north.  Houses, cabins, and other getaways are scattered throughout the desert west and east of the highway.  Our nearest neighbor is just across the road and a little bit south us.  Our 2nd closest neighbor is the Cowhead Ranch - just a bit further down the road.

To see more of the inside of our new Adobe Abode:  CLICK HERE

We plan to travel a lot on the motorcycles in the summer.  We will split our time between Texas, Kansas, Iowa, and elsewhere traveling on the bikes as usual.   In the winter, friends and family will be welcome at our desert get-away to find some Sun in the middle of a gloomy winter.  This place has on average 330 sunny days a year!

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