Personal Best
The BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
1999 Mileage Contest

Monday, October 11, 1999, I concluded my quest to set a new mark for the 6 month BMW Motorcycle Owner's of America's mileage contest - Women's division.  It ran from April 10th through October 11th at noon.  Though I've won this award 4 times before, I've never really worked at a personal best.  I just like to ride - so I do - quite a lot.

I wanted to cross my own 500,000 BMW motorcycle miles mark and I also wanted to set a new mark for the contest.  The current record of 50,089 miles was set in 1990 by Ardys Kellerman, a 67 year old friend of mine, who just completed the Iron Butt Rally.   I also wanted to visit the Four Corners of the United States.  And the most ambitious part of my plan was to ride 500 miles each of the 71 days of my summer vacation.  What I did not want to do was to lose the joy I feel when I ride by "having to" go even when the weather wasn't great or the roads were too straight.
I am happy to share that in six months in 1999 I traveled 73,660 - what I call - sMiles.  The vast majority of the miles were away from the superslab.  August 4th I passed the old mark.  The day before school started I passed a half a million lifetime miles.  I did visit the Four Corners of the US and lots of Canada too and visited lots of friends.  I averaged 526 miles per day this summer.  My 1999 mileage was the third highest ever in the contest for men or women.  And, most importantly, I never lost the joy of riding - though the weather gods tested me as never before.  Oh, the adventures!
Voni received her BMWNA 500,000 sMiles Award from Norman Jones at Engle Motors.

I do appreciate all of the encouragement I've gotten from  family, friends, and people I didn't even know more than I can ever say.  One huge reason why I never lost the joy was that this was never a solo quest.

  sMiling still

Live well,
  Laugh often,
       Love much!

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