The 2003

"Girls Just Want to HaveFun"


From July 19 through July 31, 2003, Voni and Linda Babcock, rode a "scouting tour" from Missoula, Montana through British Columbia to Hyder, Alaska, and back, to confirm routes, destinations, and sights and scenes for possible women-only Beautiful British Columbia tours.  To make it a real tour experience, they were joined by Tricia Taylor, Beth Forristal, and Karol Dietrich.  Voni rode her BMW R1100RS, Linda her BMW R1150RT, Tricia her BMW F650, Beth her BMW R100R, and Karol her BMW R1150RS.
The group stopped for photo opportunities along the "Going to the Sun" Highway in Glacier National Park.  This photo was on the west side of the park which was not covered with smoke from the several nearby forest fires.  Voni is by her bike while Karol prepares to takes pictures of the mountain view.

The Going to the Sun Highway offers vast mountain vistas - and few guardrails - as the narrow road traverses the park from east to west. 

The tour crossed the border from the United States into Canada at Chief Mountain, Montana, between Glacier National Park in the U.S., and Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada.

The tour route on the way to Hyder included Waterton Lakes, Banff, the Athabascan Glacier, Jasper, Prince George, and Smithers.  Of course - no tour of this area could miss the beautiful Lake Louise, nestled in the Rockies between Banff and Jasper.

When we arrived at Hyder, Alaska, we had dinner with fellow "Women in Sport Touring" participant Cheryl Owens and several other members of the Kawasaki Concours Owners Group.  The food at the Sealaska in in Hyder was delicious.
The hospitality at the Sealaska Inn is exceptional, but the horse that came to visit the cabin was one of the highlights of the tour.  What more can you say about this kind of friendship from the local residents.
Hyder, Alaska is a small town which enjoys a healthy tourist trade.  It has a number of small shops oriented to tourists and travelers.

We were welcomed to Hyder by Caroline, a local artist, musician, and artisan, whose small shop is the first you encounter as you enter Hyder from British Columbia.

Hyder is a rustic town.  The streets turn to gravel as soon as you cross the border from Canada.  Here we are lined up on our way out of town.
Literally, just a few feet away from downtown Hyder, is the customs and immigration "port of entry" into Canada.  We lined up to talk to the Canadian customs officers so we could take the only road out of Hyder.

Apparently the local residents in Stewart, B.C. were sufficiently fond of the low American prices on certain items, most notably cigarettes and alchoholic beverages, the Stewart merchants convinced the Canadian Government to install this border station.

This truly is a beautiful part of the world.  Bear Glacier, the site of scenes from the Robin Williams movie Insomnia is only a few miles from Hyder and Stewart where the movie was filmed.  Memorabilia from this moviemaking adorns several of the establishments in Hyder.